This is the story of a love affair between Chadden Hunter, an Australian wildlife biologist, and a rare and engaging group of primates, the Gelada monkeys. In a spectacular volcanic landscape on a high plateau in the remote Ethiopian highlands, Chadden has spent the last five years getting up close and personal with the extraordinary Geladas. He’s ‘Mr Gelada’, and knows all there is to know about this unusual species. He takes us on a fascinating journey into their world.

1 – King of the Cliffs
Chadden introduces us to Geladaland. It’s a tough world of ritualized violence and sudden confrontations, as Gelada males vie for female favours. The tenure of the alpha male only lasts as long as the next serious challenge…

2 – Girl Power
Chadden reveals his considerable insight into the behaviour of female Geladas – and they are not as cuddly as they first appear. This is a place where, despite appearances to the contrary, the matriarch rules. Woe betide anyone who crosses her.

3 – Saving Bart
Chadden explores Gelada survival skills and occasionally offers a hand himself. He reveals the beguiling world of the young, and how to cope with sudden changes of fortune.

3 x 50 mins, National Geographic, 2004

Paul Williams

Executive Producer
Nicholas Claxton

Executive Producer
Nicholas Claxton