Imran Khan: Next Man In?

Imran Khan, Pakistan’s most famous son, wants to be his country’s next prime minister. It’s the toughest challenge yet faced by the former international cricket star, but many people already see him as the front-runner. Pakistan’s forthcoming general election will be the most important in a generation, and after years of being derided as a political lightweight, Khan the politician has recently emerged as a major force.
Pakistan is currently in the midst of a complex political drama. The country faces huge problems: a violent counter-insurgency; an increasingly uneasy relationship between the government, the armed forces and the intelligence services; a deterioration in relations with the United States; and widespread popular dissatisfaction. Yet Imran Khan’s popularity has been built on his campaign against corruption. He claims that if he achieves office, he’ll stamp out political corruption within 90 days. Most of Pakistan’s other problems, he argues, have their roots in this one evil.
This film follows Imran Khan for two weeks as he embarks on a series of political rallies across Pakistan. The story concludes with a major event in Quetta, capital of strife-torn Baluchistan. In a country where politics can often turn violent, it’s a risky undertaking and Imran admits his security arrangements are not all they could be.
With exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Imran Khan at work and at home, this film reveals the man who believes his hour has finally come. We also talk to his supporters, critics and seasoned Pakistan-watchers to show the nature of the political movement Imran now calls a tsunami, and the challenges he faces if he’s to become prime minister.

25 mins, Al Jazeera English, 2012

Filmed and directed by
Karim Shah

Executive Producer
Christopher Mitchell