King Abdullah

With unprecedented access to the Saudi royal family and international figures who know the king, we reveal the man in the context of the multiple challenges that face Saudi Arabia.
Films 1 and 2 cover Abdullah’s foreign policy, including the impact of 9/11, the continuing Palestinian crisis, the wars in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, and the changing relations with Iran. Films 3 and 4 look at domestic policy, particularly the political and social reforms undertaken by the king in the deeply conservative society of Saudi Arabia; while Film 5 is a profile of the man himself, his personal background, character, passions and interests. Interviewees include George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Nelson Mandela, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and Prince Nayef bin Abdelaziz.

5 x 45 mins, Al Arabiya, 2007

Ashley Gething, Jonathan Hacker, Ovidio Salazar

Executive Producers
Christopher Mitchell, Adel Alabdulkarim, Abdulrahman al-Rashed.