The Girl with Seven Mums

Some children may have seven siblings, some may even have seven dads. But only ten-year-old Ellie has seven mums.
Ellie’s dad Philip is a Messianic Jew and heads Britain’s only openly polygamous family. He says that twelve years ago God told him he was a king, so he should take seven wives. Philip’s family sounds complicated, but somehow it works and they’ve been together for over a decade.
But recently cracks have been starting to appear. Some tabloids have dubbed Philip the ‘rampant rabbi’ and he’s come under attack from the media. The latest threat is coming from within; one mum has left and taken her story to the press. And financially, things are looking bleak. Hard hit by the recession, the family are five months behind on their mortgage and now it looks as if they might be forced to split up.
Ellie’s on a rollercoaster ride, and her world is about to change for forever.
A co-production with GroupM Entertainment.

45 mins, Channel 5, 2013

Katharine English

Executive Producer
Narinder Minhas