Super 30

This is a story from India about ambition, about beating the odds, and about the massive changes that are convulsing Indian society. Bihar is India’s poorest, most backward state, where fewer than half the 90 million inhabitants can sign their own name. This film tells the story of two remarkable men and their school, the Ramanujan Academy, in Patna, the state capital. Each year thousands of impoverished children compete to be part of the Super 30, an intensive tutoring programme that prepares them to sit for the world’s toughest university, the Indian Institutes of Technology. The film follows the year-long experience of the 2007 Super 30 as they begin a journey away from the grinding poverty of Indian village life towards the cutting edge of global science, technology and business.
Audience award for best documentary, Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles.
Audience award for best documentary, River to River Festival, Florence

3 x 23 mins/1 x 60 mins, Al Jazeera English, 2008

Christopher Mitchell

Executive Producer
Veronica Hall