Path of Blood

PATH OF BLOOD is a powerful and shocking cinematic documentary. Drawn from a hoard of jihadi home-movie footage that was captured by security services, it reveals terrorism as no film before.

Deep in the desert, young thrill-seekers at a jihadi boot camp sign up to a plot to overthrow the Saudi government. After detonating three car-bombs at Western compounds in Riyadh, their plans unravel. Embroiled in a nail-biting game of cat and-mouse with government forces, they resort to ever more ruthless tactics.

Adopting a strictly objective approach, the film doesn’t editorialize and contains no interviews or “talking heads” commentary. The footage was shot by the terrorists themselves, allowing viewers to see them in all their complexity, while compelling audiences to draw their own conclusions.
“Revelatory and deeply disturbing.” Philip Kemp, Sight and Sound

“A chilling narrative of youthful naivety and adventure being warped into death and destruction. Eye-opening.” Sarah Bradbury Time Out ★★★★

“Extraordinary. It is built like a thriller, but with an inherent purity of purpose: A film that leaves you riveted, shocked and irrevocably changed.” Ryan Gilbey, New Statesman

“Horrifying and incredibly revealing. A film that needed to be made and makes us question the nature of good and evil.” Stephen Fry, actor, writer, presenter

“Chilling, disturbing and at times revelatory.” Nigel Andrews, FT Weekend ★★★★

“An extraordinary piece of work.” Simon Hills, The Times Magazine

“It is hard to know whether to laugh or shudder in horror.” Grant Rollings, The Sun ★★★★

“I’ve never seen anything like it.” Nick Cohen, The Observer

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Jonathan Hacker

Executive Producers
Mark Boal  |  Abdulrahman Alrashad  |  Adel Alabdulkarim