Murder in Beirut

Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated on 14th February 2005. Since then, Lebanon has seen two wars, massive public protests, countless terror attacks, assassinations, political crisis, international intervention and a major UN-sponsored investigation. This three-part series will show why the assassination of one man was such a significant event for Lebanon and the entire region.
No-one has been charged with Hariri’s killing, and many people question why it’s taken so long to find the culprit. Others feel outraged that the West is again meddling in the affairs of the Middle East. ‘The United Nations Special Tribunal for Lebanon, which opened in The Hague in March 2009, has divided Lebanon and the Arab world. It is shortly expected to issue indictments, possibly with explosive consequences.
This series investigates Hariri’s assassination, its impact, and the political significance of the Special Tribunal. Detailed interviews with key players and decision-makers take viewers behind the scenes in Beirut, Damascus, Washington and Paris. We tell the gripping inside story of what’s really at stake in the struggle for power in the Middle East.

3 x 45 mins, BBC World News/Al Arabiya

Christine Garabedian

Series Producer
Charlie Smith

Executive Producer
Christopher Mitchell