Jordan: Eye of the Storm

King Abdullah II of Jordan came to the throne in 1999. In the seventeen years since, his country has been caught in the middle of a region rocked by instability: the war on terror, the Iraq War, the global credit crunch, the Arab Spring, civil war in Syria, a coup in Egypt, and the rise of the Islamic State.
Amidst all this regional instability, the king has successfully kept Jordan on an even keel and steered it toward a future of greater prosperity and stability, winning fame around the world as a moderate, progressive leader. This documentary series interviews first-hand witnesses of the king’s historic reign and takes the viewer underneath the skin of a charismatic, enigmatic man.

3x50mins, Al Arabiya, 2016

David Gilbert, Julian Hendy, & Guy Smith

Executive Producers
Jonathan Hacker & Adel Alabdulkarim