Inside Saddam’s Iraq

The series uncovers the secrets of what went on inside Saddam’s Iraq. It provides compelling human-interest stories that shine new light on recent events: sometimes shocking, but consistently informative and revelatory. It concentrates on the nature of Saddam Hussein’s regime, and Arab and international attitudes towards it. What was Saddam’s real relationship with his Arab neighbours, and theirs with him?

Series producer: Olivia Lichtenstein

1. Saddam’s Masks
This programme charts the course of Saddam the man. It is a penetrating psychological profile of how a person becomes a dictator. It shows how Saddam emerged as the real power and strong man of Iraq. Yet ultimately everything fell apart with his flight, as American tanks entered Baghdad.

Director: David Pearson

2. The Carrot and the Stick
This programme tells the tales of ordinary people living in Saddam’s Iraq , and how the regime maintained its iron grip on the entire population. It is only with the regime’s fall and the discovery of the millions of files kept on every citizen that the extent of the government’s tentacles can be revealed, their deeds exposed and the terror they inspired explained.

Director: Janet Harris

3. From Friend to Foe
The international community’s dealings with Iraq from both a Western and Middle Eastern point of view, featuring interviews with regional and world leaders, as well as those who saw the effects of the complicity of silence by foreign governments. The film includes interviews with intelligence agents who explain what was really going on, away from the public eye and behind the bland political statements.

Director: Tom Anstiss

4. Saddam’s Legacy
Freed from the ironclad repression of the Baathist regime, Iraq’s ethnic and sectarian groups clamour to secure their positions in the post-Saddam era. This programme portrays the demands and aspirations of Kurds, Turkomen and Shia and Sunni Arabs and concludes that liberation has brought about not only a new era of opportunity, but also unforeseen prospects of uncertainty and instability.

4 x 48 mins, ITV1, 2004