Caravan of Love

In the Spanish village of Cabazuela there hasn’t been a wedding for 30 years. Most of the younger women have moved to the towns, leaving behind lonely shepherds and farmers. But things are about to get better. A caravan of women from Madrid is visiting Spain’s depopulated villages in search of love. Now, after many discussions with the local town hall, the ‘caravan of love’ will come to Cabezuela.
Most of the women are immigrants from Latin America, who work as cleaners or housekeepers. They’re all looking for the same thing: a kind and tender man who will fill their lives with sweet love. Meanwhile the men of Cabazuela are hungry for romance, though they’re suspicious that some of the women also may be after their money.
On one marathon summer’s day they all meet. This film shows what happened next. It’s funny, touching and deeply human.

22 mins, Al Jazeera English, 2007

Cecilia Hue

Pilar Medrano

Executive Producer
Christopher Mitchell